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Trusted by CME NYMEX and ICE futures of the entire plastics supply chain.

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Price Clarity

from gas liquids to finished plastics

Price Clarity from gas liquids to finished plastics

Upstream to downstream, the industry counts on PetroChem Wire for today’s true spot prices and expert insights to make informed business decisions. Refiners, major petchem and resin producers, the world’s largest chemical companies and manufacturers all subscribe.

Exclusive Daily Prices

for key U.S.monomers and polymers. Plus market news, refinery blendstock prices and updates on plant outages/operating schedules.

PetroChem Daily Wire

Reliable, Accurate Daily Petrochemicals Pricing

Get an independent summary of each day’s closing prices and trading activity in all petchem markets.

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Get the latest headlines and insight from the trusted PetroChem Wire editorial staff.

Read Latest Blogs

Midday Update

Mid-Day Market Update

Learn current trades, bids and offers in the olefins, NGLs, polymers and upstream markets.

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Refinery Focus Daily

Refining Economics Insight

See where petrochemicals and refining economics intersect each day. Stay on top of price movements in the downstream commodity markets related to refineries.

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Must-Have Weekly Reports

Our weekly reports cover price movements, news and trends for specific commodities as well as key markets such as recycled plastics and PVC/Pipe.

Recycled Plastics Weekly

Succeed in the booming recycled plastics market with accurate, unbiased pricing data

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Week in Review

Find all of the OPIS PetroChem Wire monthly benchmark averages in one convenient location.

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PVC & Pipe Weekly

The most complete PVC pricing and supply/demand data is also the most cost effective

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Recycled Plastics Weekly

Succeed in the booming recycled plastics market

Access accurate, unbiased pricing for scrap, regrind, repro, PCR, PET and offgrade polymers. From grades to locations, this report standardizes a wide array of inputs for the current values and insights you need to profit in this business.

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The PetroChem Wire Difference

Real deals, not guesswork

Every day, we confirm actual spot market transactional prices for commodities such as ethylene, propylene and resins. This means firm bids/offers and done deals, not “advisory” pricing. There’s no guesswork.

Focus on what you need

When you need a few specific numbers and insights, why pay a provider big fees for extra information you don’t care about? Get straight to the point! We’re focused, timely, helpful and economical.

Futures trading benchmarks

Since June 2009, PetroChem Wire has been the primary data provider for CME and ICE benchmarks including ethylene, propylene and polypropylene. Seven CME futures contracts and one on ICE settle on PetroChem Wire forward curves.

Maps of plants and pipeline systems

Full-color maps of ethane, ethylene and propylene pipeline systems, and PVC and PVC pipe plants are available in printed or electronic PDF formats.

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