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Recycled Plastics Weekly

Succeed in the booming recycled plastics market with accurate, unbiased pricing data

The key to profit in this massive growth industry is access to transparent pricing that provides a single frame of reference in a fragmented market. From grades to locations, our Recycled Plastics Weekly standardizes a wide array of inputs for the current values and insights you need.

Access accurate, unbiased pricing for with more than 40 weekly assessments for pellet (repro), flake (regrind), scrap bales, post-consumer resin (PCR) including HDPE and PP and offgrade polymers.

What you get

  • Recent spot deals including commodity, price, location, volume and municipal bale sales
  • U.S. import and export data on plastic scrap
  • Graphs and tables with historical price moves
  • Exclusive news on force majeures and other plant disruptions, openings, expansions
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