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Maps and data


PetroChem Wire’s ethylene, propylene and ethane pipeline system maps are the most accurate available. We work with the pipeline system owners to verify each point on each map. Now available as large 4′ x 3′ wall maps or as convenient PDFs.

Ethane Pipeline Map

This map shows:

  • Pipeline, storage & production assets for ethane and EP mix in Texas and Louisiana
  • The most current information on fractionation units and owners
  • Plant and physical pipeline connections for fractionators and steam crackers
  • Underground storage locations and physical pipeline connections
  • A detailed overview of the Mont Belvieu storage area

Ethylene and Propylene Pipeline Maps

These maps show:

  • Pipeline, storage and production assets in Texas and Louisiana
  • Locations of facilities including steam crackers, refineries, propylene splitters and olefins derivatives plants
  • Physical pipeline connections into plant and underground storage locations
  • Rail and truck rack locations
  • Gulf Coast barge and terminal locations

Get the digital Ethylene Map
Get the digital Propylene Map

Map of PVC and PVC pipe plants

This map shows the exact locations of PVC and PVC pipe plants. They help predict supply interruptions, because they show plants in the path of hurricanes with identification of current and possible storm shutdowns


Chemical Plants Database

Extensive capacity, location and product specification information on petrochemical plants in North America, updated monthly and quarterly as an Excel file

PCW Historical Prices

More than thirteen years’ worth of full-range price data, available directly from our website or from an XML data feed for integration into the data hubs of larger companies

To purchase maps or data, please call +1 888.301.2645 or email

PCW Data Link

Ethane Pipeline Map

Etheylene and Propylene Pipeline Maps

Maps of PVC suppliers and PVC pipe plants