Our Team

KATHY HALL is the Executive Editor and founded PetroChem Wire in 2007. Prior to starting PetroChem Wire, Kathy spent more than 10 years as a commodity markets reporter, editor and manager at Platts.

kathy@petrochemwire.com | +1 720.480.6288

Bobbie Clark

BOBBIE CLARK has been PetroChem Wire’s editorial director since December 2021. He is a classically-trained journalist with over 20 years of experience. He spent his early career at newspapers in Louisiana covering city councils, school boards and local economies. He took that experience to Houston in 2011 to cover petrochemical news for ICIS. After transitioning into price reporting, editing, management and data operations roles, he left ICIS in 2018 for OPIS to cover the NGL spot markets. At OPIS, he was afforded the opportunity to teach himself how to code in Python and expand his skills in data visualization. Bobbie has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Louisiana Tech University.

bclark@opisnet.com | +1 318.210.8685

CINDY BRYAN joined PetroChem Wire in 2008 as Director of Sales based in Houston. Cindy spent several years as the Director for Marketing Services at Resin Technology Inc. (RTi) and was a senior commodity markets reporter at ICIS.

cindy@petrochemwire.com | +1 713.385.1407

DAVID BARRY is PetroChem Wire’s Senior Editor. He is based in Houston and reports on daily polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene markets. Before joining PetroChem Wire in 2011, he spent several years as a commodity markets reporter at ICIS.

david@petrochemwire.com | +1 803.740.2160

DONNA TODD is a PetroChem Wire Senior Editor. Donna reports on the PVC resin and pipe markets. Donna has more than 30 years of experience as a commodity chemicals editor. Before joining PetroChem Wire in 2012, Donna covered PVC and pipe for Harriman Chemsult and IHS for seven years. She has also worked at Shell Chemical Risk Management, as the Managing Editor at the Phillip Townsend Associates Plastic Market Monthly, and as the Senior Editor for Plastics and Olefins at ICIS. Donna is based in Garrison, TX.

donna@petrochemwire.com | +1 936.615.7825

XAVIER CRONIN is editor of PetroChem Wire’s Recycled Plastics Weekly. Before joining PetroChem Wire in 2013, he was a staff editor for McGraw-Hill Platts covering a wide range of products from metals to crude oil. Xavier has also worked as a reporter for Energy Intelligence Group, The New York Times and the Hartford Courant.

xavier@petrochemwire.com | +1 203. 829.6313

Julia Giordano

JULIA GIORDANO is the Associate Director, Olefins and joined the PetroChem Wire team in 2019. She covers the daily olefins markets and manages geospatial products. Julia has a finance background and has experience in the midstream sector working with a range of products, including natural gas, NGLs, crude oil and propylene.

julia@petrochemwire.com | +1 503.791.9124

Anna Matherne

ANNA MATHERNE joined PetroChem Wire in March 2022 as associate director. Her background spans the past 16 years in industry, editing and writing for trade publications, and focusing on communications at Dow Chemical and a shipping and logistics agency. For the past three years, she worked at ICIS covering methanol and acetyls. There, she started an Americas-based podcast, gaining more than 1,000 listens on a regular basis and developed more in-depth coverage of tanker and container shipping markets. She has also covered refined products, NGLs and base oils for ICIS.

amatherne@opisnet.com | +1 985.696.3215