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Refinery Focus Daily

Navigate the intersection of petrochemical and refining economics each day

Petchem producers and consumers need to know how refinery economics and production trends impact prices, but it’s not easy to find refinery news relating to petrochemicals.

Refinery Focus Daily shows you the impact of petrochemicals on U.S. gasoline, blendstock and feedstock markets, along with general trends in refined products markets. Stay on top of price movements in downstream commodity markets related to refineries.

What you get

  • Independent daily summary of closing prices and trading activity in all petchem markets related to propylene and benzene.
  • Daily PGP and RGP trading activity, PGP’s spread to propane, RGP’s alkylate value
  • Month-to-date weighted and calendar averages for RGP, PGP and benzene
  • Same-day news about steam crackers, refineries, splitters, PDH units and associated downstream plants
  • Benzene, toluene, mixed xylenes trading activity and fuel values
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