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Monthly Markets Summary

Find all of the OPIS PetroChem Wire monthly benchmark averages in one convenient location.

Find monthly averages for ethylene, propylene, styrene, polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene in this trusted pricing report that highlights the most common benchmarks as well as provides unique trading data for the month in review.

What you get

  • Every PCW calendar average and weighted average for olefins, styrene and polymers, including monthly dates of change
  • Monthly averages for cost-related data, such as ethylene production costs and propylene’s alkylation value
  • Total trading volumes per month and per year plus a five-year volume summary chart
  • Charts and tables breaking out trading volumes for ethylene and propylene into types of trades (current month, forward month, index, spread, paper)
  • Steam cracker and PDH unit monthly operating rates
  • Deal lists used to calculate weighted averages and a low-high range of deals for the month
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