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PVC & Pipe Weekly

Accurate, market-driven PVC and pipe pricing data

PVC and Pipe Weekly gives you a complete briefing on PVC resin price movements in the domestic market and the export market. We publish net transaction prices, not prices that have no relation to actual market deals. We inform our readers of trends in the PVC market, as well as in the ethylene market, one of the feedstocks for PVC and a primary cost driver. We also cover market trends and price drivers for PVC pipe, the downstream segment with the largest influence on resin pricing.

We’re the only source for pricing on finished PVC pipe: municipal, conduit and plumbing. Based on a methodology developed with market-makers on both the buy and sell side, the valuations published in this report reflect each week’s current market realities.

What you get

  • Monthly contract PVC pricing on pipe and general purpose grades
  • Trend analysis of the PVC market and what is driving pricing, including ethylene contract and spot prices, cracker downtime, and new ethylene capacity additions.
  • Weekly export pricing for the major PVC export markets, including the effect of new tariffs or changes to tariffs
  • Weekly text and graphs on the downstream housing market, which drives demand for downstream PVC products such as pipe, siding, flooring, and decking & railing.
  • Maps showing PVC and pipe plants in the path of hurricanes or other natural disasters with identification of storm-related shutdowns.
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