Propylene Weekly

Understand price movements in the complex PGP and RGP supply chains

The propylene market is difficult to understand. Varied raw materials link to both refining and petchem trends. Downstream applications abound.

See price movements and trends in context with Propylene Weekly, which focuses on spot PGP and RGP markets, including production costs, international trade data and forward curves. At the end of each week, you’ll have a full perspective on spot price trends, downstream demand, global exports and industry news.

What you get

  • Trading volumes for physical, financial, spread and index deals
  • Three-year PGP forward curves
  • U.S. plant operations news
  • Rates for steam crackers, refineries, PDH units and splitters
  • U.S. PGP margins based on RGP, propane and ethylene
  • European and Asian ethylene spot prices
  • Downstream market snapshots (PP, Cumene, Alkylate)
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