Ethylene Weekly

Unlock and apply hard-to-obtain standardized pricing on U.S. ethylene

Access to ethylene information is often restricted due to lack of strict regulation and a limited number of players who withhold information to protect proprietary rights. Maximize your opportunities in this developing market with accurate spot and contract pricing from Ethylene Weekly.

This concise report includes charts and daily price tables, along with key downstream snapshots, analyses of forward market trends and production cost summaries.

What you get

  • Accurate data on each day’s deals and bids as provided by brokers and trading platforms
  • Three-year ethylene forward curves
  • Trading volumes for physical, financial, spread and index deals
  • U.S. olefins plant operations news and rates
  • U.S. ethylene cash costs and forward cash cost valuations
  • European and Asian ethylene spot prices, market insights and operations news
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