Benzene-PS Weekly

From benzene to polystyrene, gain a competitive edge with transparency into spot pricing

Success in any of benzene’s downstream markets, from styrene to polystyrene, requires understanding the entire benzene supply chain. However, the benzene market can be opaque, with movements that are difficult to understand.

Benzene-PS Weekly gives you a quick-scan of domestic and international resin and monomer pricing and trends, along with the economics associated with those commodities.

What you get

  • Spot price trend summaries plus contract and operations news for aromatics, styrene, polystyrene and more
  • Weekly summaries of trades, best bids and offers
  • U.S. styrene prices, on both a formula and spot market basis
  • Accurate pricing for commodity grades of PS (General Purpose and High Impact) on delivered railcar basis
  • International benzene prices from Europe, Korea and China
  • Wide spec PS trading, along with the recycled resin supply chain
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