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Norsk Hydro to resume production at Alunorte at 50% capacity

HOUSTON, October 9, 2018 (PCW) -- Norsk Hydro said on Oct. 8 that it was preparing to resume production at the Alunorte alumina refinery in Brazil.

The company said Brazil’s federal environmental agency had given it approval to utilize its state-of-the-art filter technology to process bauxite waste, which will enable the company to restart operations at 50% capacity. The plant had been operating at 50% since March.

Alunorte is the world’s biggest refinery for alumina, a key raw material for aluminum production.

Last week Hydro had said it was preparing to halt all operations at the Alunorte refinery because its waste deposit area was close to capacity, which sent global prices for aluminum sharply higher.

Resuming production at Alunorte at 50% would also allow its nearby aluminum smelter, Albras, to continue to operate at half capacity. Albras imports caustic soda from OxyChem and Westlake in the US to use in its aluminum manufacturing. -- Donna Todd

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