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US plastic scrap exports to China down 93% in January-August

HOUSTON, October 9. 2018 (PCW) -- US exports of plastic scrap to China in Jan-Aug totaled 34,660 metric tons, down by 444,747 mt or 93% from Jan-Aug 2017, the latest US Commerce Department data show.

China, the top destination of these exports in 2017, imposed its Operation Sword scrap and trash import ban a year ago.

Exports to Hong Kong, a major destination for exports bound for mainland China, totaled 80,227 mt in the first eight months of 2018, down by 227,220 mt or 74% from the 2017 period.

China and Hong Kong together accounted for 66% of these exports in Jan-Aug 2017 and 14% in Jan-Aug 2018.

US plastic scrap exports to all destinations in Jan-Aug 2018 totaled 811,420 mt valued at $334.1 million, down by 33% from Jan-Aug 2017.

The US government tracks five categories of plastic scrap exports and imports: PE, PS, PVC, PET and unsorted "other." The largest category by volume in Jan-Aug 2018 was PE at 298,237 mt, down by 36% from Jan-Aug 2017. For China, PE scrap exports totaled 10,559 mt in Jan-Aug 2018, down by 95% from Jan-Aug 2017. -- Xavier A Cronin

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